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Why is it that when you try to photograph a light picture, especially with light blues and grays, it always comes out dull and dingy looking? I like this painting so far, and I have a long way to go, but I am liking the way the sunrise just glows and the trees look like they were hit by the rising sun. It is another tribute to my life and family, and is a common sight at my house! Especially this winter. Snow is deep here and everyone is getting tired of the cold weather. Spring cannot come soon enough! One more thing I should probably say about this painting is that the beige color on the snowshoes is not from painting, but is from a resist that I used to keep those areas from being painted as I did the background. Instead of a masking fluid from and art store, I used “Tear Mender” which is a lot cheaper and actually lasts longer than the traditional ones.


~ by terryhonstead on March 19, 2013.

One Response to “No title yet!”

  1. It is very difficult to photograph drawings on white paper, partly because the contrast differential is so high. Firstly I use a white reflector (could just be a sheet of white card the right size) to make sure that light is evenly spread over the work, then take a few different settings. However nearly always I have to use Photoshop to get the white point correct. I never have this problem with drawings that are coloured over the whole sheet, just where there is a lot of white. In photoshop you can use match colour to bring more luminosity into the white areas without ‘blowing out’ the detail.

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