Water Spigot

This one is done. I fell in love with this picture! (and maybe said that last time I talked about this, I am not sure.) But tonight I have finished it! The hardest and last part that I did was the shadow coming from the left side falling at an angle toward the water spigot. (thanks to all that told me the right spelling for that!!) I am still not real sure that I shouldn’t have done this in oil, but I guess I could still do it that way if I decide to sometime!. To me, that is what fits the picture the best, but I really do not like oils since the drying time is so long and with the kids that I have at home, I am always afraid that something will happen to my paintings before they dry!! The original picture of this painting was taken in Rome by my son or daughter-in-law, and I will always be thankful for the many wonderful pictures they gave me to “play” with!


~ by terryhonstead on January 13, 2012.

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