Welcome to My Lair

Well, as far as I know, I am done with my dragon on the door. It has been a very process because it is so large. Also since I did both sides of the door, it was an even longer process. On the outside of the door where I was depicting the rock, I used light molding paste which I put on with a large palate knife. Even after painting on it, that area retained a different texture than the rest of the door. I used a transparent dark green and a quinacridone Crimson to mix the black background color. The yellow underbelly is done with a textured yellow paper which I painted on as well. I used a stencil that is the left over parts when sequins are made for the scale texture on the dragon skin. I used some on both the yellow (gold) and the red (copper) The very last thing that I did was put a few patches of large mica flakes (gold flakes) on the “skin” to look like some of the scales were coming off.


~ by terryhonstead on December 16, 2011.

One Response to “Welcome to My Lair”

  1. love love love the dragon!

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