I know it has been much too long between posts these days! I swear that life just keeps getting busier! I am not sure why either! But since I have been working on a new piece, I thought you might like to see it in progress. I am sure hoping that it turns out. I still have some things that I am not sure exactly what I want, but as I go along, hopefully the dragon will find it’s way out! I started by rough sketching in the outline of the opening and the basic design I wanted to do with the dragon. I am changing somewhat as I go though, but it at least gave me a place to start. I then used modeling paste on the outside areas to make it textured. I used titan buff along with white and chromium oxide green and then added some areas of more green and also quinacridone nickel azo gold. I put a light brown under coat on the body of the dragon and then used a mixture of violet oxide with gel medium to stencil the scales on him. I used a textured paper that I tore into small pieces for the front of his torso. I used a combination of yellow, ochre, and gold for the main, beard, and tail. So far, I am happy with where this is going. I am doing it on a door and one of the big things I am wrestling with is whether or not to paint the back of it as well. I am thinking that might be kind of neat to do, but it would also make it harder to hang……or maybe just different! I am laid up today so I won’t get to paint, but hope to get more done tomorrow! I will try to post as I go along, if I don’t forget to take pictures!

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~ by terryhonstead on November 9, 2011.

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