Breathe!! That is what I can do again now! The studio cruise is over! It was a three day even that was so much fun, but a lot of work! I had about 200 people come through my studio during that time. The time went quickly and I visited with so many people, and I even sold some paintings in the process!! And now onto the next event! Well, maybe not quite yet. I still have to clean up some of the mess. I did some, but then was just too tired to do any more, so tomorrow it gets finished! Tonight I plan on going to bed shortly! First I should say that I did sell one of the paintings that was so newly finished that I had not even taken a digital picture of it yet. Thankfully the lady that bought it, allowed me to keep it until next week so I could get that digital picture. Good thing too, because I sold three prints of the same thing! It was a painting that I did last week in Karlyn Holman’s workshop! Not even one of my favorites, but it does look a lot like winter in our area! I also sold another painting that I did at the workshop that was not even finished! That person did consent to let me finish it before she took possession of it! Thankfully! It would have bothered me a lot to send it with her unfinished! I thought I would post a picture of the two that I am talking about! The first one is the one that I sold along with several prints.


~ by terryhonstead on October 23, 2011.

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