Two new paintings!

Finally, I am feeling more like myself and have energy to work again! I finished one painting and am working on another. They are both in the same style as my last few. They have been a lot of fun to do because they are abstract to start with and then I try to find a figure in the abstract start that I have. The one that is finished is called “Sugar Plum Fairy” and I have not named the the second one yet, but do know what I want it to look like, so I am just trying to decide the best way to go about achieving that. I hope to finish it today, but if not, then tomorrow. Either way, I will post it when done! The second (blue) painting is twice as big as the “Sugar Plum Fairy” so it is kind of strange to see them the same size here! I want to put a lot more darks in it and have some fun. The blue piece that I collaged into the painting is from a page of a National Geographic that I altered using Citrasolv. It leaves the pages full of swirling color and bubbles and is fun to use in Mixed Media pieces.


~ by terryhonstead on September 8, 2011.

One Response to “Two new paintings!”

  1. reminds me of a swimmer…

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