A new technique and a new painting!

I have been wanting to try this new technique for a long time now, but didn’t know exactly how or what to do. I watched a video from Karlyn Holmen and this is my take on her style. I used washes on a wet paper for the underpainting and then painted the picture itself in the “normal” colors with the looser behind it. I am kind of liking this technique, but I need a lot more practice with it! This one was a pretty hard one to do with it since it was a newborn, but I wanted to paint this so badly. It is my very favorite granddaughter, Kinsley, and I thought this shot was too wonderful not to paint! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I did have a major problem that I really should tell you about in case you wonder what is going on. I made a mistake with the ink drawing to start with and tried to fix it by putting Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground over it. It covered up the ink, but it was not even close to the color of my paper!! Then it doesn’t take the watercolor in the same way that the paper does either, so there was another issue. Hopefully I camouflaged the area well enough that you will have trouble finding it!


The painting looks a little different in the picture, but, I guess most of the time they do look somewhat different in the picture. I still may decide to change some things in it. Like the blanket that I just left at the top. I might have to add some color to that. We will see!


~ by terryhonstead on July 30, 2011.

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