Summer, painting, and business!

Life has just been too busy to blog more often! I have continued to work on the floor cloths. I would like to finish at least one large one before my Sept. show. I started on a small one, however. I thought that would be the quickest. I have the drawing done and am ready to put it onto my canvas, which has the background already done. Most of this will be done in black and yellow ochre, but I plan on using some violet oxide as well. Not sure what else, but probably a brown for her hair. I want this to be in the style of my “Madonna” paintings.

I have also been busy with summer. Last weekend we were up at the cabin and trying to fix the damage that the high water levels and storm did to the shore line. I guess waves over 7 feet high moved all of the sand onto the grass, and we have lost a couple of feet of shoreline as well. It was not a pretty sight!

Time for painting is not coming as often this summer so I will be writing less. I do think July will be better, however, because both boys will have summer school then! So next week I will have more time! Hurray!!

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Oh, yes, one more thing! I got a phone call yesterday and found out one of my paintings won a contest and will be on the wine label for a winery in southern MN! I am very excited about it and look forward to working with them!


~ by terryhonstead on June 29, 2011.

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