Just Clowning around!

Another bowling pin finished. This one was lots of fun. I took a while to figure out what I had that could be used as hair, but was really happy with the results! I had these wood sticks that I got and never used so I used an atomizer and sprayed them with paint. They turned out really well, and I was pretty happy about just getting the airbrush paint for another project. It worked great! Anyway, after painting the sticks I was going to layer them onto the backside of the clown head and when I went to put some glue on it for the first bottom row, the cap came off and I had to smear it everywhere. I had to get them on really quickly then, and it actually worked really well! Better than what I had thought! And I got done quickly too! I used acrylic for the paint and sprayed it with a varnish to protect it somewhat. Not sure if I said, but this (and the penguin) are for a fundraiser for the humane society. I guess they do it every year, but this is the first time that I have seen it! They have been really fun to do and I am anxious to see the rest of them. I work at the gallery on Thursday and they should all be done and there on that day. I just need to remember my camera and take some pictures!


~ by terryhonstead on May 17, 2011.

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