Artists of Minnesota Spring Show 2011

I had a wonderful time at the Artists of MN spring show this year. There were 6 of us in our cabin.

Pat, me, Kathy, BJ, Sue

5 were from Bemidji and 1 from Ely. The one from Ely is moving to Bemidji soon.

Kathy and Danie

We laughed more than I have done in a long time and stayed up late and talked about everything under the sun. It was so much fun! Then we had one friend from Bemidji that was on her way to Egypt so couldn’t make it but she sent some pictures of hers with us to enter. That was Dee. One of our group brought his wife and we had a anniversary party in their room one evening.

One of our group is known to always provide the entertainment for the group.

One of our group (not pictured yet) is known to always provide entertainment and many laughs for us all. This is the picture she staged that told a story. (you make up your own story with it!!) In this picture is in back row left to right, BJ, Pat, Dannie, me, Judy, and in front row, Sue, Doug, and his wife (the only non artist of our midst) Joan.

I had to sneak to take this one.......shy lady that Beverlee!!

Beverlee is our prankster! One year she was found coming down the hall with everyone’s clothes on in layers. Needless to say, she caused my cheekbones to hurt even more!! I will not mention her except to say that Beverlee can always provide comic relief (as if we need it!)! We also had one member that is from southern MN but will be coming back for the summer in about a month, and one member that couldn’t stay for the show because he had to sing in the church choir today. (Ron)

There were several demos that we watched and enjoyed and then last night were the announcements of the ribbons. We had three winners. Pat from our cabin won a merit and a member’s choice with one of her paintings, “Meeting at the Well” in the Intermediate transparent category. Ron, won a second place and a member’s choice for his oil “Autumn Light” in Intermediate Opaque, and Dee, (who was not in Egypt but is sitting in Long Island in a motel waiting to go to Egypt with no suitcase!!! ) won a first place and a member’s choice for her portait of her granddaughter “Brown Eyes” and a second place for her self portrait entitled “Midsommar” in the beginners category.

I do not have any of the pictures of these paintings because everyone else was taking them so I figured I could get copies of theirs. I will try to put them online later when I get them. Sorry!!!

I did not get any awards, but I did get an honor. Or maybe a curse. Anyway, they nominated me to be the next president of Artists of Minnesota show since the President elect had to back out. Unless someone else gets voted in instead, this will take place at the Fall meeting. It could be a big job, but I had a lot of people that said they will help if I need it. I am a little nervous, but also excited. If there is no other reason to take this, it will at least look good on my resume!!


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