Two Mixed Media pieces

Well, I finally finished the mixed media piece. I found a broken fishing pole and made the bow out of that. I used sinew that I wrapped around and tied to the eyes of the pole (I broke two of them off first). Then one of my daughters had a piece to a windshield wiper that she didn’t use (???) and she got that for me for the handle part. I stretched it and glued it together and onto the piece. It is done now and called “Fisherman’s Fiddle”. 😉

Fisherman's Fiddle

The next piece is one that I started a long time ago. I had it drawn on my canvas and have a thin coat of acrylic paint on it so far. Then I used gloss medium to stick down white tissue paper on the water. I will add more paint to that tomorrow, but thought I should at least let everyone know that I got home safe! Tomorrow morning I get to go get a massage and then I will be painting until time for a dr. appt for the boys. I hope to get a lot done with this new mixed media seascape!

a coat of acrylic paint and tissue paper on the water.


~ by terryhonstead on April 11, 2011.

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