Violins and pelicans

What do they have in common? Violins and Pelicans? Nothing except that these are what I am working on at the moment. My watercolor of the violin is just taking so long that I had to find something else to work on while it is drying! I came up with two other things. The first is a mixed media piece that I had started a long time ago and needed to put a violin on it. The second one is one with pelicans. I looked through my old vacation photographs and was thinking about something in the line of water. This is the one that looked the most appealing so I drew it on a piece of watercolor paper and have just barely started painting it. My first watercolor violin painting is starting to turn out somewhat like I had hoped. I am finally getting the blue color out of there and it is looking more along the lines that I had hoped for. Still a ways to go yet. The second violin is mixed media and it is just fun to do. Mixed media is always fun. The pelicans might be a lot of fun as well. I have just barely started on it, but thought I should post a picture anyway.


~ by terryhonstead on March 29, 2011.

One Response to “Violins and pelicans”

  1. I like that mixed media violin, Terry. Keep up the good work.

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