Getting closer to finishing the violin painting

I have been working on this a little each day. It takes so long to let it dry that I am not getting much done on it. It is really slow going. I had a meeting with Jane Freeman (whose class I was doing it in) because I was stuck. I am liking the violin, but still not real happy about the background color yet. I am trying to gray it up but I have been putting a lot of coats on it and it still isn’t right.

voilin WIP

I have been having some problems on this besides the color too. First of all, when I stretched the paper, I did it in the bathtub and it must have absorbed some oils from the bodies that use it (even though I did wash it with a Mr. Clean before I used it) You can see on the background how spotty it is because of it. Also, my staples are pulling out so even though I stretched the paper, it doesn’t really look like it. Just having all kind of problems. Hopefully it will turn out despite it all.


~ by terryhonstead on March 28, 2011.

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