Wine bottle and Violin coming along

Well, I got a LOT done today. This style of painting does take a lot more time than the way I am used to painting! I feel like I am crawling along at a turtle’s pace! But I guess, as long as I get done, I shouldn’t complain. If it turns out, I will be happy! I am almost done with the wine bottle and grapes, but am not happy with how it is looking, so I thought I would try some colored pencils on top of the watercolor to see how that looks. I have not done that before and am not used to colored pencils, but it is something I have been wanting to try, so this is as good a time as any!!! The violin is just a painting that will take a lot of coats to get it to the point that I want it. I will just hope that it turns out like I am thinking. I mostly worked on the lace, but also did some on the over all painting. I added several washes to the violin and another layer and a couple of colors to the glass dish and brass bowl. I also started the background. I hope to get a lot more done in this coming week. This past week has been spring break, so it has been a little harder to find the time to paint, except of course, when I was at my paint class!


~ by terryhonstead on March 13, 2011.

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