Grapes and both progressing

I worked a lot of hours today but my progress seems minimal. I am trying a new technique that is used by Jane Freeman and am currently taking a class she is giving. She uses many washes and goes slowly so as to let the paper show through the layers of paint to give the painting a glow. I must say her paintings do glow! She is one of my favorite artists! I really admire her work and am so proud to be taking her class and to call her my friend! Anyway, she is so full of knowledge and I am learning a lot. I took pictures and the first one is very yellow again. I thought it was my lighting, but found that my camera was on the wrong setting. I corrected it on the smaller painting since I have this one at home, but the other painting is at the class still so I will have to just retake the picture tomorrow when I am back. I am beginning to see how beatutiful the grapes are becoming in the second painting. I hope the first will show some progress soon!


~ by terryhonstead on March 12, 2011.

One Response to “Grapes and both progressing”

  1. Terry, I think you’re making very good progress. The colors in the grapes vibrate with softness life and I like the warmth of the violin painting. I will be watching your progress. Wonderful start.

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