New work beginning

I have started several new works, but they are in the process of being drawn still. The first one is for a contest for a wine bottle label. I am doing a still life for that and I finally decided what I was going to paint for the still life class that I am taking later this week! I also finished my mini for the Artists of MN Spring show, and am maybe done with the theme one. I am not really sure about that one yet. But for now I will show you the picture of the still life for the wine bottle and for the class that I will be taking. I hope to actually get some time to start painting on one of them tomorrow. Today was a day of changing bedrooms around. The boys are each going to have their own room now. They have been sharing for quite a few years and Sam has been afraid to be alone so this is a major step for him and I am not real sure he will make it through the night. We will see. I hope it works because it has been a long and hard couple of days trying to get it just right for both of them! Anyway, here are the two still life pictures that I decided on.


~ by terryhonstead on March 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “New work beginning”

  1. You have been and will be very busy. Good luck! The compositions are both exquisite. Complex and sophisticated.

  2. These are both awesome!

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