Still working on sky, land, and water, but mostly water!

I have not had any progress on one of my paintings. At the moment it is sitting here staring at me in the face looking like this:

this is one of those you just have to look at for a while to decide where to go

Then the one that I have been working on. It is another “Italian Waters” painting only with less boats. I am having fun with it. I have the background going just fine and am slowly moving “forward”. I have been mostly working on the water and now starting to put details into the wood poles. I am trying to get a little darker values as I move to the “front ” of the painting. I hope to work on it more later, but it’s time to fix supper! Oh well, I should take a break anyway!

Three Boats WIP


~ by terryhonstead on February 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “Still working on sky, land, and water, but mostly water!”

  1. Really nice work! Anxious to see the finished piece.

  2. Thank you! I imagine it will go faster now that the fun things are left!!

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