Water, Sky, and Land WIP

Well, I did work on this one some today. I am not really sure how I like it. I do like all the individual parts, but I need something to pull it all together if that is even possible! I am thinking maybe some leaves that I am cutting out of different materials might do the trick, but am not entirely convinced as of yet, and am thinking this may be one of those paintings that you don’t like when you are done and there is no way to fix them. But I thought I would post the pictures anyway. Not every painting is a success and I think this may just be one that isn’t .]]

The leaves are not attached to the painting yet because I just have them laying there, and not sure how I will put them on even if I do use them. Until next time, have a good day!


~ by terryhonstead on February 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Water, Sky, and Land WIP”

  1. Oh, don’t give up, Terry. I like what you are creating, here. The leaves seem to help balance the collage in the lower left corner and my eye wants a little more of that, perhaps, in the lower right hand corner to push my eye to the boats. I love the vibrant colors in the foreground with the soft hues of the scene behind, as though one is peering through a tree. Squirrel’s eye-view, so to speak? Tantalizing!

  2. Thanks, I trying to go for that look, actually. And I have experimented with several ways and I like something in that bottom corner as well. I am still not real sure what I want to do though, so it is just sitting at the moment.

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