Acrylic water and sky

I worked a lot of today trying to get my calendar written down so I wouldn’t forget anything that I have coming up. I am getting really busy with art activities again. Now I just need to keep the times all straight! Anyway, after taking care of my calendar and cleaning my studio again, I decided I was ready to do an acrylic collage with water, sky and trees as the main subject. I did the first two steps basically. I pretty much have the background done. But now that it is done, I am not sure I want to still do what I had planned for the canvas. It looks like there should be some far away trees and mostly the sky and water. I will see what happens the next time I work on it. Anyway, this is a picture of how it looks now. Where it is going from here remains to be seen1

The start of a new painting about water and who knows what else!


~ by terryhonstead on February 12, 2011.

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