I did figure out the name of the puppet painting. Instead of Dancing Marionettes or Dancing Puppets, the new name will be “Innocence”. I think that fits very well with the subject and I have it in the background. It really has the whole feeling that I want this piece to have. So now, I guess I will have to change the name on the places where I already have it posted. Oh well. I started a new painting today, but it isn’t ready to be photographed yet. I also worked on one that I had started a year or more ago. It is something really different. Kind of lines and color that are supposed to be one way when you look but then can switch to another way if you look at other lines. Optical Illusions, maybe. I found some collage things today that all have to do with old flying planes, so I thought that would be perfect. I only have the main focus left to do on it and it is a bomber plane from WWII. I have been trying to research all day to find the right plane because that is what my Dad’s uncle was in during that war. He was a rear gunner which had a really short life span, but he did make it through the war. Anyway, that is the reason for this painting and I will show it to you when I do the airplane. So, for now that is it. No pictures, sorry!


~ by terryhonstead on January 24, 2011.

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