The Road Not Taken

I have been working on this painting for about three years now……well, I started it about three years ago, lets put it that way! I decided to finish it a week or two ago and have pretty much re painted all of the trees in the background. i also started on the animals which were only left blank to start with. My main problem has been that I can’t remember and can’t tell what animals that I left space for in some cases! This past week I started the animals and finished the squirrel, turkey, eagle, owl, and porcupine. Last night I painted the bear. Today I have been working on the moose all day and am still not satisfied with how it is done, so I may change things around a bit more as I work on the other animals.

The Road Not Taken, about half done

This is how it looked after finishing the bear last night. you can see that I do have a long way to go yet!

Close up of the bear

Here is a close up of the bear that I finished last night. I think he turned out kind of cute! Today I worked on the moose and worked and worked and I am still not satisfied with it. I will have to do more later though because it is time for the boys to get home from school and I still have to figure out supper as well! I will work more on it tonight after the boys are in bed! Here are a couple more of the moose.


~ by terryhonstead on October 4, 2010.

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