I did my first painting on a wood panel yesterday. I really loved the way it felt. I think I like it much better than a regular canvas! I did use collage to get an underlying texture to the elephant. It really went well. I love the way it makes the elephant’s hide look so leathery! I got pictures at each step as I was painting so that I could make a new tutorial with it. (I also did one on the Giraffe painting called “A Mother’s Love”.) That is my project for the day……..along with my homework for the marketing class that is going to start up again in a week or so! I’d better get to it!

Elephant on wood panel



~ by terryhonstead on September 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Elephant”

  1. Neat painting.

    Terry, what marketing class? for artists? or at BSU? or ????? Always trying to figure out how to market more effectively and efficiently. Thanks, Jane

  2. It is a series of 10 classes put on by Springboard for the Arts. We had the first 4 in the spring and now we have the last six starting on the 23rd.

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