Hug, the history beaver

Hug, the beaver got his name from my 2 year old grandson.  Hug is covered with the history of Bemidji.  The information from old photos of residents, old newspaper clippings, and a written history that was found on the internet.  Hug is painted green for Bemidji State  University, as they are green beavers.  I painted pictures on him that remind me of this area.  I chose a fish, an eagle, a deer and two trees.  To me, they symbolize Bemidji, and the surrounding area.  You can see these things from a distance.  When you get closer, you can read some of the history.  Up by the top of his head it tells about the post office and how Bemidji was mistakenly named “Bermidji” when the post office first opened.  It was quite a lot of red tape to get the name corrected.  On Hug’s foot are listed the mayors of Bemidji, and the dates that they served.  There are many other facts to discover as you look closely at the surface.  Sadly, some of the history was lost when the symbols of the area came into being.  But, sad as that may be, Hug still contains many mysteries to uncover.



~ by terryhonstead on June 6, 2010.

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